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New - Eaton's XV and XP Product Family




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Eaton’s XV and XP Series of operator interfaces offer high performance platforms that provide unmatched flexibility. Features slim OEM design and a variety of communication port options that include onboard Ethernet on all models. With screen sizes ranging from 3.5 to 15 inches, vast communications capabilities, and a single development software package, the XV and XP Series represent a complete solution to any Operator Interface application.


The XV series is ideal for applications requiring extensive connectivity and the advanced features available in Visual Designer without the expense associated with more powerful open platforms.


The XP models are perfect for OEMs who require extensive connectivity, advanced features in Visual Designer, have large or high speed applications, or need an open platform for running third party software.


The unique infrared touchscreen with scratch resistant safe ty glass is ideal for harsh environments where traditional touchscreens are easily damaged.


Protect Mode, available only on Eaton’s XP embedded operator interface products, protects the operating system from unwanted changes providing improved up-time and reliability.


The same local user accounts and passwords for viewing and control also apply remotely for simplified security.


Visual Designer runtime and web server licenses are pre-installed on all units, eliminating the hassle and cost of purchasing and installing separately.


With Visual Designer software, XV and XP units can communicate with virtually any network, any PLC, any web client, and any database.


Visual Designer Configuration Development Software


Visual Designer



Product Brochure



Visual Designer is a software development package optimized for OEMs. New tools streamline the application development process, and the creation of Web-based applications has never been easier. In addition to basic monitor and control, Visual Designer is packed with advanced features to streamline the design of sophisticated applications.


Fully connected, Web-enabled Today’s operator interface applications range from basic monitor and control to high-end, feature-rich HMi software with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Customers demand communications capability with any network, PLC, Web client, and database. The answer: Eaton’s Web-enabled Visual Designer operator interface software.  Web-based thin client!


Visual Designer Development Software for PCs and Eaton’s XP Operator Interface family with Microsoft Windows XP embedded operating system and a maximum of 64k tags and eight drivers. Also supports Eaton’s XV Operator Interface family with Microsoft Windows CE operating system and a maximum of 4,000 tags and three drivers.