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We Specialize in Fast Response to Your

PanelMate, PanelMate Plus, PanelMate Power Series, PanelMate Power Pro, or other PanelMate Brand Needs.

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Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction on every Job We Do! 


Nothing less is acceptable to us or our customers.  We are dealing daily with customers whose equipment is down and it is costing $1,000s of dollars for every hour (frequently much higher than this) they cannot use their equipment.  Automation Interface, Ltd. can ship new, upgrades, or refurbished PanelMate systems, parts, and/or software to our customers faster than any other company; frequently in one or two business days.  Contact us for details.


Our decades of experience with PanelMate uniquely position our company to provide the best solutions and support for customers with new or existing PanelMate installations. 


Every member of our team worked for the Eaton Operator Interface Group for up to 18 years.  Members of our team:

Led the Marketing team that originally developed and introduced the PanelMate in 1986,


Led the PanelMate Product Line Team that had responsibility for new features, capabilities, models, and private label brands such as the Modicon PanelMate Plus,


Led the Modicon PanelMate Plus program for over ten years,


Achieved the highest sales results of any PanelMate salesperson,


Integrated PanelMate and other high end IDT Operator Interface Systems for some of Cutler-Hammer's biggest and best customers


Led technical support for PanelMate systems of any brand or model,


Worked in Engineering directly responsible for PanelMate features,


Worked in the service department repairing PanelMate and PanelMate Plus systems


Were responsible for converting configurations from early generation PanelMate systems to work in the latest generation PanelMate systems


Some of our customers that were serviced within 24 hours:


  1. Recently, we received an urgent call from a paper mill customer who had an early generation PanelMate that was malfunctioning. Since it was on a critical piece of equipment in his facility, he was essentially down as a result. The customer called Eaton for help and the Eaton Technical Support team suggested that he call us. We had a refurbished system in stock that was a perfect upgrade for his early PanelMate which was installed in the early 1990's. We had them email the configuration to us. We converted the configuration so it could be installed in our refurbished system, installed it and verified it before shipping the equipment for next morning delivery. The customer was delighted since we were able to get him a system within 24 hours of originally contacting us. He installed the refurbished PanelMate Power Pro 5000 and had his equipment back in service less than one hour after receiving it from us.

  2. We were contacted by a customer that had a PanelMate Power Series 3000 that had been damaged when it was struck by a forklift.  They wanted to buy a refurbished unit to get their equipment back in production.  Automation Interface, Ltd. was able to ship them a system that arrived by noon the next day.  They downloaded the configuration  file into their new system with help from our Engineering team and they were back in production within two more hours. 

  3. We were contacted by the owner of a foundry.  He had a key piece of equipment, in his plant, that used a PanelMate 1000 system for the interface to the equipment.  His PanelMate 1000 was no longer working and the equipment it controlled could not be run with out it and he had no backup system.  We maintain a number of refurbished PanelMates that can be sent overnight to customers in situations like this. We  installed and verified the configuration in one of our refurbished PanelMate 1000 systems which we then shipped overnight for morning delivery.  The result was that his equipment was able to be returned to service in less than 24 hours after he contacted us.  We received his unit for repair but it was unable to be repaired.  We contacted the customer and allowed him to purchase the refurbished system for essentially the same price as the repair and expedited service.

Let us make you one of our success stories.  Call us to see how we can be of assistance to you.


Call Toll Free - (866) 451-1815