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Upgrades are the Largest Segment of our Business!


December 31, 2011 marked the end of shipments for the PanelMate Power Pro Family.  This was due to a lack of availability of some critical parts.  Eaton is continuing repairs and some parts are still available.


The good news is that we can Upgrade all Brands and Models of

PanelMate Operator Interface Equipment and we can provide new Eaton Operater Interface systems that are drop in replacements!



PanelMate I or PanelMate Plus I

PanelMate II or PanelMate Plus II

PanelMate III or PanelMate Plus III

PanelMate or Panelmate Plus 1000, 1500, 1700, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000

G&L, Reliance, Minster, or any other brand PanelMate

Every week we upgrade, replace, provide spare systems and more.

For Information, Pricing, Availability - Call (866) 751-4120



Upgrades are a major focus of Automation Interface, Ltd's business. Automation Interface, Ltd. can service, upgrade, and/or replace IDT or Eaton Operator Interface equipment systems from any source.


After 38 years of leadership, IDT (now known as the Eaton Operator Interface group) has more than 260,000 operator interface systems installed in automation applications around the World.


No one knows more about upgrading PanelMate systems and legacy IDT systems than we do.  With a minimum of 24 years of experience, our team actually designed, marketed, integrated, installed, and supported IDT systems including every model and generation of PanelMate and all other legacy IDT operator interface equipment.

We have the Eaton utilities to convert applications from any generation or brand of PanelMate equipment.  We also know all of the exceptions for certain applications and communication drivers and can make the additional changes necessary to provide a perfectly functioning conversion for our clients.


We can take your old system, extract the application, convert it, verify the new application, and then load it into your new system before shipping it to you.


We also have the utilities and cables that we can send to you to let you extract your own applications and ship or email them to us for conversion, installation, verification, and shipment of new systems to your site, ready for installation.



Automation Interface, Ltd. associates all came from IDT (now known as the Eaton Operator Interface Business Unit), the company that produced the ClassicMate II, ScreenLink, AMI-5000, AMI-6000, FactoryMate and the PanelMate family of products including the Modicon PanelMate Plus.


Automation Interface, Ltd. recognizes the need to provide an easy method for our clients to repair or modify their IDT equipment, obtain compatible systems for use as spares, and new systems with superior functionality that represent the state of the art in operator interface equipment.   Automation Interface, Ltd. also has the adaptor plates that are sometimes required to enable new PanelMate models to fit in existing control panels with little or no modification to the panels. 


For more details on what we can offer in upgrades, look at the menu items under Upgrades above left or click on one of the following links: Earlier Generation PanelMate, Modicon PanelMate Plus , AMI Series, and ClassicMate.


Contact us for more information.


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