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PanelMate Power Pro


December 31, 2011 marked the end of shipments for the PanelMate Power Pro Family.  This was due to a lack of availability of some critical parts.  Eaton is continuing repairs and some parts are still available.


The good news is that we can Upgrade all Brands and Models of

PanelMate Operator Interface Equipment and we can provide new Eaton Operater Interface systems that are drop in replacements!




From the original IDT operator interface systems introduced back in the 1970's to the very popular PanelMate® Power Pro and ePro PS series of products today, Eaton Operator Interface products provide the best value on the market.  Their features, hardware design, development software, and high quality are unmatched in the marketplace. 


The PanelMate Power Pro is the latest and most advanced member of the PanelMate family that is a direct descendent and fully compatible with all PanelMates that have come before it.


PanelMate® Power Pro Operator Interface Systems

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The PanelMate® Power Pro family of operator interface products provides no-compromise functionality and performance. The PanelMate Power Pro product offerings provide many different configuration options.

  • PanelMate Pro LT 1100 - 7.4" grayscale LCD or 7.7" color DSTN, keypad or touchscreen, 64 data points (tags) standard with expansion to 512 data points

  • PanelMate Power Pro 1700 - 7.4" grayscale LCD, 7.7" color DSTN or 8.4" color TFT, keypad or touchscreen, compact size, great value

  • PanelMate Power Pro 3000 - 10.4" color TFT, keypad or touchscreen, bigger display with all the PanelMate features, stainless steel option

  • PanelMate Power Pro 5000 - 10.4" color TFT, keypad or touchscreen, largest display size for easy viewing, stainless steel option, split architecture option

  • PanelMate PC Pro - Runtime hardware key and license that allows the PanelMate Power Pro Runtime software to run on a PC

  • PanelMate Client/Server - PanelMate Power Pro Runtime software running in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server enabling users to run multi-client sessions of PanelMate Runtime on target OI devices.


All PanelMate Power Pro (1100, 1700, 3000, 5000) units feature the following:

  • 24 VDC power input

  • UL / cUL, CSA

  • Class I, Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D and

  • CE

  • NEMA 4, 4X and 12

  • VGA resolution with 256 colors or shades of gray

  • 2 serial ports *

  • Security key switch input *

  • Audio output

  • Fault Relay output *

  • Support for an optional proprietary network connections for Allen-Bradley Data Highway/Data Highway Plus, Modbus Plus, DeviceNet, GE Genius I/O and PROFIBUS DP

  • Support for up to three simultaneous communication connections

  • Support for up to 100 pages and 5000 messages

  • Configured using PanelMate Power Pro software

* Pro LT 1100 has 1 serial port and does not include a key switch or fault relay connection


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