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PanelMate Power Pro Family

To navigate among the PanelMate Power Pro System categories, use the navigation icons on the left side of this page or click on one of the following links:

Power Pro Software Power Pro LT 1100,  Power Pro 1700 SystemsPower Pro 3000 SystemsPower Pro 5000 Systems, or  Power Pro Accessories



From the original IDT operator interface systems introduced back in the 1970's to the very popular PanelMate® Power Pro and ePro PS series of products today, Eaton Operator Interface products provide the best value on the market.  Their features, hardware design, development software, and high quality are unmatched in the marketplace. 


The PanelMate Power Pro is the latest and most advanced member of the PanelMate family that is a direct descendent and fully compatible with all PanelMates that have come before it.


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Touchpanel Models

Touchpanel for all models include a display with electronics module and membrane keypad with off-screen 3 x 5 cell control selection, cancel key and numeric entry keypad, with four redefinable membrane control buttons to the right of the display. The PanelMate 5000 units have five membrane control buttons.

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  Touchscreen Models

  Touchscreen for all models include a display with
  electronics module and on-screen 3 x 5 cell control 
  selection, four redefinable on-screen control buttons, on-
  screen cancel key and non-intrusive, pop-up, on-screen
  numeric keypad. The PanelMate 5000 units have five on-
  screen control buttons.


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