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Modicon PanelMate Plus Systems





Fact - All Modicon PanelMate Plus Systems were Designed, Manufactured, and serviced by Eaton's Operator Interface Group!


We can repair, upgrade, and/or replace any Modicon PanelMate Plus System. 


We were personally involved with the Modicon PanelMate Plus program from its inception and we are the only group, anywhere, that can provide the level of service and support that we can!  Our company Founder spent ten years as the Modicon Program Manager and worked with many of the largest Modicon accounts in North America, Canada, and Europe.


Call us at (866) 451-1815 to find out what we can do for you.


Automation Interface, Ltd. is the number one source for upgrades, service, and support of Modicon PanelMate Plus systems.  Our founder was the leader of the team at IDT (IDT was the company that designed and produced all of the Modicon PanelMate Plus Systems) that worked with Modicon to develop the program and we know more about these systems that any other source (including Modicon).


Automation Interface, Ltd. can service, upgrade, and provide replacement equipment for any Modicon PanelMate Plus Operator Interface systems.





Brochures Detailing some of the Modicon Private Label Systems
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Modicon PanelMate Plus Series

From 1990 through 2005, Modicon and Eaton partnered to create the largest private label operator interface program to date.  More than 50,000 (over $100,000,000) Eaton private labled Operator Interface systems were sold world-wide by Modicon Inc.


The Founder of Automation Interface, Ltd., Jim Thorp, was involved with the Modicon PanelMate Plus program from its inception.  He led the Eaton Operator Interface team responsible for developing and expanding the program and he worked closely with the Modicon sales team and many of Modicon's largest Operator Interface customers. 


Our associates came from the Eaton Operator Interface Business Unit that produced the Modicon PanelMate Plus.  Every member of our team has at least 17 years of experience in the operator interface business and we are authorized distributors and systems integrators for the complete Eaton PanelMate product family.  We specialize in the sales, repair, upgrade, integration, and support of all generations of IDT products including the Modicon PanelMate Plus.


This experience uniquely equips Automation Interface, Ltd. to be the best source for repair, upgrade, and support of Modicon PanelMate Plus equipment. 


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