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Langston Corrugated and Paper Machines


Upgraded Lanston PanelMate Lanston Corrugated Machine


One of the early adopters of PanelMate Operator Interface equipment was the Paper Machinery Manufacturing Industry.  The combination of Rugged, Reliable, Responsive, and Easy to Use made PanelMate the best choice for controlling Langston and several other brands of paper machine equipment.


Automation Interface, Ltd. has upgraded more Early Generation PanelMate systems on Langston equipment than any other company.  The popularity of Langston Corrugated Machines is reflected by the number of companies using this equipment with a PanelMate Installed for up to twenty two years. Some of the leading companies that we have upgraded to the latest generation of PanelMate Power Pro 5000 systems include several Georgia Pacific locations, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Columbus Container, several Packaging Corporation of America, American Corrugated, and others.


Automation Interface, Ltd. can take your old system, extract the application, convert it, verify the new application, and then load it into your new system before shipping it to you.


We also have the utilities and cables that we can send to you to let you extract your own configurations and ship or email them to us for conversion, installation, verification, and shipment of new systems to your site, ready for installation.


This PanelMate Power Pro 5000 system is a plug and play replacement for your existing Langston PanelMate equipment.  It will fit in the same hole that your existing PanelMate is installed in, can be connected to the same power using the 110 VAC to 24 VDC switching Power Supply that is built into this model, and it will use the same communications cable that you currently are using.  Additionally, the complete swap out typically takes less than one hour to do.  A short time must then be taken to ensure everything works properly before returning the equipment to production.


The new systems that we provide are immensely more capable than the older models.  This can allow our customers to enhance their application if they want to.  On the other hand, if we just convert the old configuration and install it in the new system, the equipment will look and operate exactly the same way that the customer’s operators are used to on the old PanelMate.  This saves time and money since there is absolutely no training or familiarization issues to deal with.


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