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HMi Operator Interface



The latest Operator Interface systems from Eaton, the HMi systems provide a low cost yet highly functional solution for the low end segment of the market that PanelMate systems weren't designed to meet.   Positioned between the specialized ELC graphics panels and the PanelMate ePro series of Operator Interfaces all units feature a touchscreen and function keys to suit all environments and applications. They range in screen size and color to fit available space and application needs.  All units offer RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 communications. 

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Available in four-, six-, eight- and 10-inch models, HMi features programmable function buttons for even the most robust applications. With the ability to store recipes and historical and alarm data and to transfer the data to a USB memory stick, HMi makes interfacing with machinery easier than ever.


One application does fit all. With a few keystrokes, an application can be scaled to any size HMi device, four to 10 inches. When upgrading or downsizing the operator interface, a click of a button sizes the screen image to match the product's screen size. It's the perfect feature for machines built to different specifications and size require­ments.



True analog touchscreen, Retentive internal data storage, Real time trending, Trend stored data, Alarming and alarm storage, Alarm frequency, Event storage (History), USB programming, USB memory storage, USB printer, Add I/O, Macro programming, Multi-language, Recipe storage, Auto-scale application from 10 – 4", On-line simulation, Off-line simulation, 10-level password protection. 


Easy-to-Use Macro Ability

Its easy-to-use macro ability, with the strength to handle even the most complicated applications, allows HMi to help customers manage their machine more efficiently than ever. From simple math to storing and manipulating trends, data and communications to sending data from one PLC to another, macros make HMi the easiest inter-face on the market.


Communication on any Network

With an expansive driver list and two or three serial com­munication ports, HMi is the answer for communicating on any network. (HMi can communicate with more than 20 brands of PLCs!) Because the expansion slot is located on the back of the unit, customers can connect to a parallel printer, Ethernet network or even I/O modules, allowing them to do even more with their operator interface.


HMisoft Programming Software

For use with the HMi series of touchscreens, this software supports all of the features of HMi.  This easy to use Windows based software can run on Windows 2000 and XP with a minimum CPU of Pentium III 500 Mhz, 256 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space and mouse.


Features - Simulate an application on or off line, Built in picture library, Create your own picture library, Screen manager, 70 on-screen object, Easy object setup, Monitor all states of objects, Macro editing, Scale application from 10" – 4", Upload/download applications over USB, Upload/download register data over USB.