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G&L PanelMate ePro Touch Terminal

Over the years, many companies saw the value of the value of using the PanelMate Operator Interface as their own Operator Interface Equipment.  Most of these companies simply wanted their own faceplate with their logo on the PanelMate and left everything else the same.  However there were a few companies that needed totally custom software in their PanelMate equipment.  The G&L PanelMate was one of those systems.

The G&L PanelMate ePro Touch Terminal is an industrial terminal emulator which provides access to data in host computers and controllers. The Touch Terminal interprets escape codes to create displays for process monitoring and control. Built on the Eaton PanelMate hardware makes it ideal for industrial use and plant floor conditions. The TFT screen displays operation settings and the touch screen provides the ability to change settings.

This current generation industrial terminal emulator replaces the following terminal emulators:
   *  PanelMate 1500 G&L Terminal Emulator
   *  G&L Terminal Emulator
   *  3M Dynapro ErgoTouch TCS
   *  Fluke TCS

PanelMate ePro Touch Terminal Features:
   *  Built upon the Eaton PanelMate ePro PS EE Industrial Operator Interface
   *  Integrated Touch Screen simplifies Data Entry and Control (will operate with Mouse)
   *  Additional Flash Memory allows on-board Screen Storage
   *  Windows Menus simplify off-line configuration.
   *  Uses ANSI Standard Escape Sequences, and VT220 Compatible (differentiated with the inclusion of the Touch
      Screen and Screen Storage)
   *  Connects using EIA Standard Serial Communications
   *  Can be customized for Mainframe Applications using an Ethernet Socket Connection
   *  Includes two downloadable font sets, can be customized to store and recall Fonts by name