PanelMate ePro PS
Application and Product Overview
1. PanelMate® ePro PS Operator Interface - Product Focus
The ePro PS Model 7685T-8, 7685T-12, 7685T-15, and 7600 have the performance and flexibility of a PC based operator interface without the associated complexity of a PC on the plant floor. With integrated high-speed Ethernet, serial ports, USB ports, removable Compact Flash, PCMCIA and an optional PCI expansion adapter, the ePro PS can be adapted for a wide variety of user requirements.
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2. PanelMate ePro PS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently asked questions for the PanelMate ePro PS operator interface products.
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3. PanelMate® eProTM PS Classic Operator Interface - Product Focus
Eaton’s ePro PS Classic operator interfaces, Models 7685T-8C, 7600C, are high-performance, cost effective solutions that carry on the PanelMate tradition of performance in balance with ease of use.
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4. PanelMate® ePro PS OD (Outdoor Series) Operator Interface - Product Focus
The PanelMate ePro PS OD models 7685T-12OD and 7685ST-12OD are designed for harsh outdoor applications. The OD models include all of the ePro PS features with the addition of a sunlight-readable display, UV protection and increased temperature and shock specifications.
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5. PanelMate® ePro PS EE (Enterprise Edition) Operator Interface - Product Focus
The PanelMate ePro PS EE models 7685T-12E, 7685T-15E and 7600E are designed for users that need more capacity and extra operating system features to support their applications. The EE models include all of the ePro PS features with increased processor performance and CompactFlash size and additional operating system components and services.
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