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Earlier Generation PanelMate Systems

Automation Interface is Eaton's Official PanelMate Operator Interface Upgrade Partner!



Automation Interface, Ltd. specializes in providing PanelMate Operator Interface Solutions for its clients.


Automation Interface, Ltd. can repair, upgrade, and/or replace PanelMate systems of any vintage, and from any source, to the latest PanelMate Power Pro and/or PanelMate ePro PS models without having to redo the development work or take the time and money to integrate a new system. 


We upgrade more PanelMate and PanelMate Plus 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 systems than any other company. We are Eaton authorized and endorsed Systems Integrators and PanelMate Distributors.


Our entire team has been personally involved with the PanelMate Product Family and all of the PanelMate versions and brands since its introduction in 1986.


Call us at (866) 451-1815 to find out what we can do for you.



Automation Interface, Ltd. can provide new PanelMate systems, integration services, control panels and related equipment, updates and upgrades to existing PanelMate systems, and many more services. 




PanelMate Overview

PanelMate 1700  PanelMate Compact  Operator Interface Brochure

PanelMate PS  Modicon Brochure  PanelMate 500

Early PanelMate Brochures
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From the first models of PanelMate sold from 1986, through the enhanced family of PanelMate Power Pro and PanelMate ePro PS systems available today, more than 250,000 systems have been used in automation projects around the world. 


PanelMate has always been focused on being an effective Operator Interface tool for the operator to use to gain more control over their equipment or process, react quickly to problems, and enable them to be far more productive in their jobs with more uptime and less waste.


No matter what vintage PanelMate system or the brand name on the equipment, Automation Interface, Ltd. can upgrade your system to the latest version Eaton PanelMate equipment. 


Application Conversion Utilities


PanelMate was introduced in 1986.  Meeting their evolving client needs and providing continuous improvements has resulted in six different generations of hardware/software over the 21 years since introduction of the first PanelMate systems.  The original PanelMate systems were all CRT based and used built-in configuration software and only required connecting an IBM compatible keyboard and turning a key switch to do development.  The second generation was configured off-line in DOS based configuration software.  Next came Windows configuration software.  Then better graphics were added, flat panel LCD displays replaced many of the CRT models and applications to provide advanced trending, recipes, and other sophisticated capabilities.  Automation Interface can take applications from the original generation PanelMates and every other version and convert the applications to run in the latest generation PanelMate Power Pro or ePro PS systems.  PanelMate is the only operator interface system that allows this preservation of our clients investments for over 20 years.  


Adaptor Plates

Some of the early systems came in sizes that are bigger or smaller than current generation PanelMate Systems.  Automation Interface, Ltd. has special adaptor plates that can be used to install current generation PanelMate Power Pro systems in existing control panels without major modifications to the original control panel.


Repair Services

Our repair resource is the only factory authorized and endorsed repair operation for earlier generation PanelMate and other IDT systems.  They have the original drawings, schematics, test procedures, and spare parts from Eaton.  And all repairs come with a six month limited warranty.

Give Automation Interface, Ltd. a chance to help you solve your Operator Interface needs and exceed your expectations.


Contact us for more information.


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