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IDT ClassicMate II


IDT - Industrial Data Terminals (Eaton's Operator Interface Group's original name) began design, fabrication, and production of intelligent terminals in 1976 that were primarily used in host computer applications.




Intelligent Terminals stored displays locally and included special graphics features that enabled sophisticated color graphics to be displayed on the systems based on only a small amount of data sent by the host computer.  These systems were used extensively in nuclear generating plants, steel manufacturing operations, and other similar applications.


IDT ClassicMate II was the first successful electronic operator interface equipment designed to be used with PLC's.


By 1982, PLC's were gaining acceptance as a replacement for relay logic and host computer applications.   IDT's ClassicMate II was created by taking one of IDT's Intelligent Terminals and coupling them with a separate input processing module that handled communications between the PLC and the Terminal.  Then an easy to use configuration package enabled the equipment to be quickly configured and connected to the PLC.  This equipment was revolutionary for its time and we still see ClassicMate II systems installed today.


IDT Screenlink built on the ease of use that was a major portion of the ClassicMate's appeal and created an easy to configure Terminal system to work with host computers.


Screenlink Systems were the first intelligent terminals to have an easy to use and configure software capability and were very popular for many years.  There still are a number of Screenlink systems installed in locations around the world.


Contact Automation Interface, Ltd. to have us examine your applications and let us show you how we can replace your systems and give you even more capabilities than your original IDT Operator Interface equipment provided.


Sample brochures from IDT in the early 1980's
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