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AMI Industrial Control Workstation


Starting in 1985, Eaton's Operator Interface team developed and then marketed the most advanced Operator Interface system in the world; the AMI Industrial Control Workstation.  


These were the highly capable AMI-5000 and AMI-6000 systems, many of which were installed on major automation projects.  These systems were used in adhesive tape manufacturing, nuclear generating plants, automotive, steel manufacturing, grain handling, chemical industry batch process, and other similar demanding applications.  These systems are no longer available and there is nothing available in the current Operator Interface market that is capable of replacing these systems.


Fortunately, no one knows AMI applications better than Automation Interface, Ltd. 


The Founder of Automation Interface, Ltd. was involved in the sales, marketing, and installation of many of the AMI systems sold in this country.  Our Engineering Manager was a key member of the IDT Systems Integration Group that did the original integration work on many of the IDT AMI systems installed around North America.


Automation Interface, Ltd. has very effective replacement software and equipment available for AMI 5000/6000 Systems. 


Automation Interface, Ltd. is the only company that knows the AMI equipment well enough to design new systems that not only retain the capabilities and benefits that the AMI Systems provided, we can provide enhanced functionality that the original AMI Systems could not provide.


Contact Automation Interface and give us the opportunity to show you our solutions for AMI Series systems repair, replacement, or upgrades.


IDT Brochure showing the AMI Series Equipment
(click on it to read it)


Sample Displays from the AMI Series Systems


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