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PanelMate Accessories


PanelMate® Accessories

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Eaton offers many different accessories that are designed to be used with the PanelMate products. These accessories enhance the capabilities of the operator interface products and make them even easier to use.


Cables and Converter Connectors

We have done the research and designed the cables needed to communicate between the OI unit and other devices. A majority of technical support questions that are answered daily by our Technical Support Team are related to communications. Don’t wonder if you designed your cable correctly, use a cable designed by Eaton.

  • PLC serial communication cables (OI to PLC)

  • Serial transfer cables used to send data between the OI and a PC

  • Converter connectors are also available that can be used to convert an RJ11 connector to a DB9 connector (ideal when working with older PanelMate products)


Communication Interface Modules

If you need to have PanelMate Power Pro communicate with your PLC via a proprietary network, we have the solution for you. We have modules that support communications for:

  • Allen-Bradley Data Highway/Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O

  • Modicon Modbus Plus

  • DeviceNet

  • Siemens PROFIBUS DP Slave

  • GE GEnius I/O

These modules easily mount to the back of the PanelMate Power Pro products.



Overlay Kits

If you are using an OI with a touchscreen in a dirty environment you may want to protect your touchscreen from excess wear and tear and dirt and grease. We offer a variety of clear protective overlays that easily adhere to the display. When the overlay is used up (dirty and worn), simply remove the overlay and install a new one.

  • Enhanced touchscreen protection

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Anti-glare Overlay - protection for your OI in an environment with lots of light



Adapter Plates and Collars

If you are upgrading an older PanelMate unit to a newer one, we offer adapter plates and collars that can be used so that you can install your new OI into the cut-out and stud pattern used for mounting the older PanelMate. Eaton takes pride in the fact that we make it easy for you to move forward with our new products by offering these accessories.Other popular accessories include the following:

  • Configuration Storage Module - used to store and transport PanelMate configuration data.

  • PanelMate Pro LT 1100 I/O Reference Point Expansion - used to expand the PM 1100 standard support of 64 tags up to 512 I/O reference points in blocks of 64 I/O points.

  • Trend Historian and Trend Viewer - provides data collection and viewing for PM ePro products

  • PCI Adapter Kit - provides a PCI slot for PM ePro PS 12", 15" and Blind Node models

  • Restore Kit - provides tools to reload the factory image load onto PM ePro PS models


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