PanelMate Accessories
Application and Product Overview

1. PanelMate Pro LT 1100 I/O Reference Point Expansion Option
The I/O Reference Point Expansion Option allows users to expand the Input/Output capability of their PanelMate Pro LT 1100 unit from the standard 64 reference points, up to 512, in increments of 64 points per upgrade.
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2. PanelMate ePro Application Note
PanelMate ePro’s flexibility allows a user to incorporate off-the-self technology to easily add extra serial ports. Using an Edgeport TM USB-to-serial converter from Inside Out Networks adds additional serial ports by simply plugging the Edgeport’s USB cable into ePro’s USB port and loading the USB drivers onto ePro.
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3. PanelMate Configuration Storage Module – Technical Data
The configuration storage module is a small, industrial memory system designed for uploading and downloading configurations to and from PanelMate Power Series units.
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4. PanelMate High-Speed Communications: Acceleratl/On Interface for A-B PLCs
The preferred High Speed Communications Solution. When dependable, high speed operator interface communications are needed, the PanelMate Acceleratl/On interface is the proven, preferred solution.
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